This workshop introduces students to current research in tax policy and gives them an opportunity to develop skills in reading and critiquing contemporary legal and economic scholarship.

Each week, the workshop hosts a tax scholar, public finance economist, or other expert presenting a working paper on issues of tax law, public finance, and related fields. The workshop is organized and led by Professors John Brooks and Brian Galle.

The workshop is open to the public, and we encourage members of the D.C. tax community to attend and participate in our discussions.

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January 28
Itai Grinberg
Professor of Law
Georgetown University Law Center
Against Destination-Basis Income Taxation?

February 4
Alex Yuskavage
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Seeking Professional Advice: The Effects of Tax Preparers on Compliance

February 11
Li Liu
Economist, Fiscal Affairs Department
International Monetary Fund
Exploring Residual Profit Allocation

February 25
Benjamin Lockwood
Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
The Optimal Taxation of Lotteries: Who P(l)ays and Who Wins?

March 3
Edward Fox
Assistant Professor of Law
University of Michigan Law School
A Case for Higher Corporate Tax Rates

March 17
Rebecca M. Kysar
Professor of Law
Fordham University School of Law
Interpreting by the Rules

March 31
Emily A. Satterthwaite
Associate Professor
University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Tax Status as a Signal

April 7
Daniel Reck
Assistant Professor of Economics
London School of Economics
Tax Evasion by the Wealthy: Measurement and Implications

April 14
Jeremy Bearer-Friend
Associate Professor of Law
The Georgetown Washington University Law School
In-Kind Tax Paying: Lessons and Risks

April 21
Heather M. Field
Professor of Law & Eucalyptus Foundation Chair
University of California Hastings College of the Law
Allocating Tax Transition Risk