Georgetown Law offers students the opportunity to study abroad at the National Law School of India University (NLS) in Bangalore. NLS is generally considered as one of the three best law schools in India, if not the best. Its elite academic environment has attracted some of the best legal scholars and students from all parts of India.

The NLS campus is located in Nagarbhavi, about 10 kilometers from central Bangalore. The city of Bangalore is the third largest in India and is a center of industry, learning, and culture. In addition, Bangalore is well known for its role in the information technology sector of India’s economy – a fact highlighted in the best selling book The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman.

India itself is a fascinating country. With a population of over one billion people, there are many ethnic and religious groups with a quickly growing economy. It also has a long history of the rule of law that is derived from the English common law system. Classes at NLS are taught in English.

Students considering applying to study at NLS should be aware that participation provides some exciting benefits, but also involves, perhaps, more uncertainty than other semester abroad programs. While the Office of Transnational Programs works to provide as much information as possible to applicants in a timely manner, students should be prepared to deal with the challenges and uncertainty that accompany this program. Up to two students will be selected to participate. In 2022, no Georgetown students participated.