By enlisting the support of our alumni in meeting with promising candidates from wherever they apply, we hoped both to impress upon candidates the promise of joining our legal community, and to gain valuable input that helps us to identify, recruit, and continue to enroll the best possible law students each year.

In the first year of the program, we recruited 215 alumni to interview 435 applicants. This year, alumni interviewed 822 applicants from all 50 states and DC, and 19 countries, and we enrolled 87 of those applicants.  The information gathered through each alumni interview has been incredibly helpful to the evaluation and enrollment of thousands of terrifically talented law students.

If you are interested in interviewing applicants to Georgetown Law, please click here to sign up or email us at We always are happy to welcome new alumni interview volunteers! In particular, we have a high need for more volunteers from the following areas:

  • Ann Arbor/Detroit
  • Raleigh-Durham
  • Boston
  • North/Central Florida
  • Pittsburgh
  • Dallas
  • Central Ohio
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • San Diego
  • Salt Lake City
  • Phoenix
  • Nashville