Gaby was born and raised in New York City, New York. She graduated magna cum laude from American University’s School of Public Affairs Honors Program with a degree in Political Science in 2021.

During her undergraduate career, Gaby interned on Capitol Hill for incumbent members of Congress, and helped the re-election efforts of a member of Congress facing a competitive race in a swing district within the Midwest. Most significantly, during her senior year of college, Gaby completed a semester-long internship at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. In this role, she regularly provided assistance to trial attorneys, and completed projects regarding jury research and pending legislation related to criminal justice reform within New York City. Throughout this internship, she was able to learn more about the impact of violent crime on urban neighborhoods, like her own. This experience affirmed to Gaby that her calling in life was to serve and protect others.

After college graduation, Gaby was able to begin her public service career when she became the Director of Alumni Relations for Leading Women of Tomorrow, a non-partisan organization aiming to promote women’s involvement in public service. In this role, she created the organization’s Public Service Mentorship Program, which connects female college students and recent college graduates to female mentors with established careers in public service. She also was in charge of the organization’s Law School Admissions Consulting Program, which provides special law school admissions guidance and resources to young women seeking those services.

At Georgetown Law, Gaby looks forward to preparing for a career in criminal law and civil litigation. In particular, she plans to focus on criminal prosecution, as well as civil litigation on the affirmative side for survivors of domestic and gender-based violence. She is excited to learn and grow as an advocate for women and vulnerable communities throughout her three years at Georgetown.