Lauren is a native Texan who comes to Georgetown with the goal of becoming an immigration attorney. She developed an interest in immigration while studying geography and Spanish at the University of Texas at Austin. As an undergraduate, Lauren supported the provision of legal services to immigrant workers experiencing employment disputes at Workers Defense Project. She also researched and proposed legislation on immigration detention, border militarization, and workers’ rights as an intern for Texas Senator José Rodríguez. After graduation, Lauren spent a semester as a research intern at the Migration Policy Institute, where she focused on immigrant integration policy.

Upon returning to Austin, Lauren served in AmeriCorps, providing case management to families at risk of losing their housing. She stayed on at the organization where she served, Any Baby Can, working with children who have special healthcare needs and their families. In this role, Lauren led an effort to rebuild a program that offers resource navigation and financial support for d/Deaf and hard of hearing children. Most recently, Lauren worked at Casa Marianella, a shelter for immigrants and asylum seekers. In addition to managing day-to-day operations, Lauren worked on a team that assisted asylum seekers in obtaining release from detention.

Lauren is dedicated to providing compassionate, trauma-informed direct services to folks seeking safety in the United States. She also hopes to work on policy development and impact litigation in order to bring about systemic change in the immigration space.