Rachael is a human rights advocate from the Greater Boston Area. She has a BA in International Relations and has studied at the University of Edinburgh and Harvard University. While earning her degree, Rachael worked alongside Harvard Medical School faculty, researching issues at the intersection of health, policy, and justice. She also assisted a faculty civil rights-era cold case project, exposing her to stories which she will never forget.

Rachael spent the next three years working in the international education field, teaching English and building programs to expand global education accessibility. As a teacher, she enjoyed fostering childrens’ writing skills and encouraged them to share their own perspectives on the world. She also served as a volunteer crisis counselor, guiding individuals through mental health crisis, domestic violence, and child abuse. This work further developed Rachael’s passion for working with individuals trapped in dehumanizing circumstances.

Most recently, Rachael served as a research fellow with HEAL Trafficking, a nonprofit which seeks to combat human trafficking from a health perspective. Through her research, Rachael helped develop trauma-informed protocols for human trafficking response in health care settings. She hopes to bring these insights to her legal career, and aims to expand the use of trauma-informed, survivor-centered approaches within human rights practice. Prior to starting at Georgetown Law, Rachael also interned at the International Institute of New England, where she assisted with the rapidly evolving immigration legal needs of recent Afghan evacuees.

At Georgetown Law, Rachael hopes to gain skills which will help her restore agency to vulnerable populations across the globe. She’s particularly interested in addressing human trafficking, ethnic conflict, and violation of children’s rights. In her spare time, Rachael enjoys exploring nature, dancing, and spending time with animals.