Radiance is a third-generation Belizean-American from central Illinois. They attended Illinois State University and graduated summa cum laude as the Lincoln Laureate for 2020 with a B.S. in Sociology and minors in Women’s and Gender Studies and Latinx/Latin American Studies.

Before their undergraduate career, Radiance served on community development projects with World Vision and Amigos de las Américas. During their time at Illinois State, Radiance grew as an activist scholar, championing initiatives to make course curriculum and student organizations more inclusive and culturally responsive.

Radiance was also intimately involved in their hometown as a community organizer. As a lead organizer for the Climate Action Campaign Blono, Black Lives Matter Blono, and the People’s COVID-19 Response Team, they worked closely on environmental justice campaigns, local climate response plans, housing rights teams, mutual aid groups, pretrial justice advocacy efforts and efforts to defund the police. Radiance also worked with community gardens and alternative food systems. Additionally, serving under Alderperson Jennifer Carrillo was a formative experience for Radiance in that it allowed them to learn from a fellow organizer and queer person of color using a position of power to further the goals of the community. This experience facilitated Radiance’s choice to bring their community work to a career in the law.

Radiance’s professional interests include areas such as poverty law, housing rights, and environmental justice. They are eager to continue to engage in issues of food sovereignty, abolition, and community access to and ownership of land, resources, and public services.