In order for our brand to become recognizable to wide audiences, it should be consistently represented in every piece of media Georgetown Law presents.


Remaining consistent in how we refer to the Law Center helps to build name recognition for the school. Please abide by the following guidelines:

The first time you refer to it in text, use “Georgetown University Law Center.” After that you may use “Georgetown Law” or “the Law Center.” Do not use any abbreviation, such as “GULC,” or various versions such as “Georgetown Law School,” “Georgetown Law Center,” “Georgetown University Law,” etc.


Communicating a consistent message to audiences helps to strengthen the impact of the Law Center’s identity as a leading institution of legal education. Our core message is:

Georgetown University Law Center is a global leader in legal education and the preeminent U.S. law school based in the nation’s capital. A world-class faculty of celebrated theorists and leading legal practitioners offers students an unmatched breadth and depth of academic opportunities. Second to none in experiential education, the Law Center’s numerous clinics are deeply woven into the Washington, D.C., landscape. More than 20 centers and institutes forge cutting-edge research and policy resources across fields including health, the environment, human rights, technology, national security and international economics. Georgetown Law equips students to succeed in a rapidly evolving legal environment and to make a profound difference in the world, guided by the school’s motto, “Law is but the means, justice is the end.”

(This text should be used whenever boilerplate message text is needed. It may be shortened as needed, but not changed in wording or meaning.)

Social Media

If you are interested in creating a Facebook or Twitter page for your department, please contact for branding elements and other guidelines.