Date: April 25, 2022

The work of building worker cooperatives and other solidarity economy institutions is about taking the initial steps toward bringing into existence an alternative economic system that centers on people and the planet instead of profit. Julian Hill will be in conversation with Jessica Gordon Nembhard for these sessions. They will discuss types of economic systems, peoples’ alienation from their labor, inequality in U.S. labor markets, vocabulary and context for critically understanding the plight of Black labor, the history of African American cooperative movements, and solidarity economies as the way forward.
Session I: Economics of Abundance: Critiquing Economics of Scarcity Towards the Sovereignty of Black Labor – April 25, 2022
Session II: History of African American Cooperative Eco-Systems – June 20, 2022

These sessions are the third and fourth installment of the Movement Lawyering and the Solidarity Economies Series Co-organized by the Workers’ Rights institute and are hosted and organized in collaboration with Coalition for Racial Equity and Democratic Econom(CREDE), ONE DC, MXGM, and Claudia Jones School for Political Education.

Previous Sessions in this series were:
Session One: Worker Cooperatives and Cooperative Lawyering (co-organized with The Washington Council of Lawyers)
Session Two: Movement Lawyering, the Solidarity Economy, and Alternative Institutions