Location: 9th Floor Convening Space at 500 1st
Date: October 14, 2022
Organized by IIEL – Inst. of Int’l Econ. Law
A set of lightning talks on digital currency

** Be sure to check out the CBDC & Digital Currency Masterclass on October 12th, details here, an intensive course with certificate of completion.

The CBDC Think Tank is proud to partner with Georgetown University, Institute of International Economic Law and DC FinTech in a morning of speed talks on blockchain and digital currency.

Talks (more confirming shortly):

  • The Macroeconomic Impact of Cryptocurrency and Stablecoins, Kathryn White, WEF/Accenture
  • Digital Money and Central Banking Operations, Manmohan Singh, IMF
  • Economic Model of Consensus on Distributed Ledgers, Jiasun Li, George Mason U
  • Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms, Parma Bains, IMF
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies for Cross-border Payments, Maria Teresa Chimienti, World Bank
  • Lessons from the Bahamas Sand Dollar, Vinay Mohan, Movmint

and more..

Held during the week of the IMF meetings, the Digital Currency Lecture series is part of CBDC Summit, a set of events around digital currencies and CBDCs. Day 1 of the Summit, held October 12th, is a CBDC masterclass in partnership with the IMF and George Washington University. Day 2, held October 14th (this event) at Georgetown University will be 3 hours of lightning talks delivered by 6-8 speakers on the topic of blockchain, digital currencies and CBDCs.

Please note that registration is a REQUEST for an invitation. Due to limited seating, we are asking those who are in the field of CBDCs and digital currencies, from a policy, academia or technology to apply. Accepted invitees will receive a confirmed ticket within the next few weeks.

We ask that you register with your professional email address please. The venue will require adherence to COVID protocols which will be sent when RSVPs are issued.