Location: Hotung 2000
Date: March 21, 2023
Organized by Center on Inclusive Trade and Development
Join us for the Center on Inclusive Trade and Development (CITD) “Erasing the AND” series.  For too long, issues like development, gender, labor, environment, and health have been viewed as “add-ons” to trade policy.  This series reimagines trade law and policy in a way that puts these issues at the center of the discussion.

Our fifth “Erasing the And” will focus on the link between trade and human rights.  A central challenge to developing a new consensus on trade is ensuring that trade rules better protect human rights, that exploitation of labor is reduced, and that the benefits of trade are shared by workers and communities. Recently, the connection to trade policy has played out most clearly in the area of labor standards and efforts to stop trade in goods made under abusive labor conditions. Our panel discussion will focus in particular on the rise in the use of import bans on goods made with forced labor and how such bans could inform the trade agenda moving forward.