Location: 500 First Street NW (9th Floor)
Date: April 10, 2024

UNESCO, the OECD, President Biden’s Executive Order, and the EU AI Act all emphasize the importance of diverse perspectives when analyzing AI’s unique and novel challenges. This event will highlight the international perspectives of experts in the Tech LLM program, who will bring their experience working in Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean to bear and provide insights on the critical issue of how regulatory approaches to AI will differ across countries and regions.


Speakers include:

  • Catalina Gastelbondo Chiriví on proposed AI regulations in Colombia
  • Jay Conrad on sector-specific proposals on AI policy in the United States
  • Juanita Santamaría Tobón on policy approaches to deepfakes in Colombia
  • Kahaan Mehta on policy approaches to facial recognition in India
  • Kaori Kawaguchi on the process for developing AI regulations in Japan
  • Katsuya Terai on copyright issues in training AI models in Japan
  • Nanda Min Htin on the effect of US/China relations on South East Asia’s approach to AI policy
  • Natalia Alarcón Rueda on proposed AI regulations in Latin America
  • Patrick Kyhos on the effect on Russia’s approach to AI of restrictive laws in other sectors
  • Príamo Simó Domínguez on the Dominican Republic and how its approach to AI is affected by CARICOM
  • Sophie Nantanda on approaches to AI across Africa
  • Tuhina Dave on proposed AI regulations in India