Location: Gewirz 12th Floor
Date: November 14, 2022

“Inside the American Indian Movement and the Trial and Clemency Case of Leonard Peltier” Book Talk will feature three speakers: Sheron Wyant-Leonard, author of the book I Will. How Four American Indians Put Their Lives on The Line and Changed History, former Oneida nation judge, Dorothy Ninham, who is a character in the book and also a member of the American Indian Movement, and Kevin H. Sharp, a former federal district court judge and Leonard Peltier’s attorney.

After a brief review of the book covering the early years and intentions of the American Indian Movement leadership, including the effects of forced boarding schools, urban relocation and termination programs, Dorothy Ninham will share her personal story regarding the Milwaukie Coast Guard Station occupation by members of AIM that led to land given back to Native people by the Richard Nixon White House. Judge Sharp will cover the complexity of the trial and clemency case for Leonard Peltier. The program includes a Q&A, with C-SPAN coverage.