Date: January 27, 2022

In a season when the right to vote in our nation is top of mind, SALPAL asks the question: is there any alternative when your voice at the ballot box does not count? Throughout history, one answer has recurred: vote with your feet. What is foot voting? It’s an alternative to the ballot box, an expression of preference less dilute, more definitive, and riskier.

In Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration and Political Freedom,  Professor Ilya Somin discusses foot voting as it is, and could be manifested– through international migration, through choosing where to live in a federal system, and by making decisions in the private sector. Professor Somin’s views attract both adherence and criticism across the political spectrum—admired by some for faith in freedom and choice even among the dispossessed, and refuted by others, because when people are not “sticky” communities and agglomeration economies may not form. This panel features authoritative speakers with expertise in several legal disciplines and from diverse backgrounds.

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