Below please find information about each of our clinics. Please read these materials carefully, as some include specific application instructions. For more information, visit each clinic’s website and looking to the navigation bar on the left side of that page.

*Note: We are working on making these documents accessible and will upload accessible PDFs on a rolling basis. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Appellate Courts Immersion Clinic

Appellate Litigation Clinic

Center for Applied Legal Studies

Center for Applied Legal Studies (Supplemental Application Materials)

Civil Litigation Clinic

Civil Rights Clinic

Communications and Technology Law Clinic

Criminal Defense and Prisoner Advocacy Clinic

Criminal Justice Clinic

Domestic Violence Clinic

Environmental Law and Justice Clinic

Federal Legislation Clinic

Health Justice Alliance Law Clinic

Intellectual Property and Information Policy Clinic

International Women’s Human Rights Clinic

Juvenile Justice Clinic

Policy Clinic (Harrison Institute)

Racial Equity in Education Policy Clinic

Rising for Justice (Housing Advocacy and Litigation Clinic) — formerly Law Students in Court

Social Enterprise and Nonprofit Law Clinic