No Partisan Political Campaign Activity

To be eligible to earn academic credit for an externship, the student’s field placement supervisor must agree (via their completion of the J.D. Externship Program’s Rule 304(d) Agreement) that the student will not engage in any partisan political campaign activity (e.g., tasks in any way related to a political campaign or political action committee) or support any such activity, nor will the student engage in lobbying.

No Practice of Law in Any Manner

Students participating in the J.D. Externship Program are not permitted to practice law, in any manner. Externship students can assist their field supervisors with active cases and/or other legal matters, but externship students cannot engage in the practice of law, become represent a client pursuant to a student practice order, go on the record as counsel in a case/matter, and/or hold themselves out as authorized or competent to practice law in any way as part of the J.D. Externship Program. Those experiences/opportunities are reserved solely for the Law Center’s Clinical Program.