About the Award

The Katherine McCarthy Community Award honors the memory of Katherine McCarthy by recognizing staff that, like Katherine, go above and beyond to support the Georgetown Law community. This award recognizes staff members, but nominations may be made by students, staff or faculty members.

About Katherine

Katherine embodied Georgetown’s Jesuit philosophy and approach to education, especially “Cura Personalis.” She accepted each person as they were at that point in their life journey and understood that each person had unique talents and gifts to offer. Katherine was known for encouraging, affirming and accompanying individuals in their journey while ensuring that the focus was kept away from her and instead placed upon the person in need or task at hand.
Katherine was a true servant leader with high aspirations for our community. She gave many hours to ensure that our community was always aiming higher and further. She strove for shared success by fostering the relationships that get us to a solid footing of mutual respect. While her work involved the highest echelons of society, Katherine was always mindful about all in the community, especially those working behind the scenes to make our accomplishments seem effortless. In many ways, Katherine’s spirit was part of the glue that helped to keep the Georgetown Law community together.

Award Criteria

Award is open to full-time staff members of Georgetown Law. To be eligible, a nominee must:

  • Have completed at least one year of full time employment as a staff member at Georgetown Law.
  • Be a non-exempt or exempt employee.
  • Be employed at Georgetown Law at the time of the final selection.
  • In the organizational structure, be below the level of associate/assistant vice president/dean, and not be a department head (or equivalent).
  • Have not received this award in the previous 24 months.

In the spirit of Katherine, nominees should have demonstrated distinction in going above and beyond for another member of the community or the community at large. Areas of distinction could include, but are not limited to:

  • Building community engagement
  • Effectively supporting student success inside and outside the classroom
  • Bringing national recognition to the Law Center
  • Exemplary service to the Law Center
  • Promoting “Cura Personalis”
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Experiential learning initiatives
  • Sustainability initiatives

Staff/AAP Advisory Council Law Caucus Selection Process

The Law Caucus of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council will meet to review nominations on a monthly basis. They will follow the guidelines below:

  • All nominations to be considered for the upcoming month must be submitted by close of business on the 15th of the current month.
  • There will be four awards each quarter, a total of 16 awards will be given out in a year.
  • The Law Caucus may reach out to nominators for further information or clarification.
  • If a direct report of a Law Caucus member has been nominated for that month, that Law Caucus member is unable to consider nominations for that round. Such member will have no decision power over the award selections when a direct report is in consideration.
  • Law Caucus members are unable to receive this award or nominate anyone for this award while they hold their Caucus/Council role.
  • Two Law Caucus administrators will keep track of previously selected recipients, add newly selected recipients to tracking forms, and review nominations to ensure the 24 month rule is observed. They will also reach out to Law Financial Affairs to share the names of selected recipients on a monthly basis.

To nominate someone please fill out the Katherine McCarthy Community Award Nomination Form