How to Play the Georgetown Law Exam Instructions Video

You should begin setup activities 5 to 10 minutes before the exam start time.

  1. Locate Projector Control Panel next to the blackboard. Press the PC button at upper left of panel.  The screen will lower into position and, after a few seconds, the projector will power up to full brightness.
  2. On the classroom PC, open the exam video launch page:

  1. After the page loads and when you are ready to begin playing the Exam Instructions video, click the triangle-shaped button at the lower left of the screen to play.
  2. If you find it necessary to adjust the audio volume, use the Projector Control Panel buttons marked VOL UP (to raise) or VOL DN (to lower.)
  3. The exam video will play for approximately 7 minutes.
  4. After the exam video ends, you may turn off the projector and raise the screen.
  5. To do so, locate Projector Control Switch. Press and hold OFF (or PWR/MUTE) at lower right of control panel until the screen begins to retract into the ceiling.  You may then release the OFF button and continue with the exam protocol.