I feel unsafe. 


If you are in a life-threatening situation, call the police immediately. 

For on-campus assistance 

  • Call (202) 662-9325 to reach the Georgetown Law Department of Public Safety (DPS)  

For off-campus assistance: 

  • Call 911 to reach the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)

I need medical care. 


MedStar Washington Hospital Center can provide a comprehensive sexual assault exam through the DC Forensic Nurse Examiners Program (DCFNE).  

  • An on-call advocate can be reached at 1-844-4HELPDC (1-844-443-5732) or you may visit the emergency room directly at MedStar Washington Hospital Center Emergency Department, 110 Irving St, Washington, D.C.

To access all services of the DC Forensic Nurse Examiners (including a free Uber ride, if needed) call or text the DC Victim Hotline (24/7) | 1-844-4HELPDC (1-844-443-5732).


I need emotional support. 


Counseling and Psychiatric Service (CAPS)

  • For urgent mental health or psychiatry concerns call the Main Campus at (202) 687-6985 and press “1” to speak with a clinician at any time. 
  • Alternatively, you can call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.