International Legal Studies LL.M. and General Studies LL.M. (for students educated outside the U.S.)

The General and International Legal Studies LL.M. degrees are the most popular choices for our students trained in law outside the U.S., and they provide the greatest flexibility for students to tailor programs of study that meet their academic and professional goals. The General Studies LL.M. offers the most flexibility, and students often combine a number of courses focused on U.S. law (for example, those required for the New York Bar) with either a focus on a particular area of interest, or a program that samples from the incredible variety of available classes. The International Legal Studies LL.M. is similarly flexible, providing students who want to focus on international law with the ability to choose from one of the largest international law curricula of any law school in the United States.  

There is a strong interest in international and comparative law throughout the faculty and student body at the Law Center. Georgetown's graduate program is one of the largest in the U.S., and many of our American J.D. students choose to come to Georgetown because of its strength in international and transnational law. A large number of the faculty teach international law or include comparative elements in their teaching. Each year we welcome visiting faculty from throughout the world, both as research scholars and as members of the teaching faculty. Our international lawyers are truly at the center of this international community.

Some students pursuing the General or International Legal Studies degrees may be interested in considering the London Option, which allows a small number of students each year to spend the second half of their LL.M. at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London.

Please note that all admissions criteria are contained in the admissions materials that can be accessed on the Graduate Admissions page.


The General Studies LL.M. and the International Legal Studies LL.M. degrees are only open to internationally-educated lawyers, and are the most flexible degree programs, offering students maximum ability to structure courses of study that meet their academic and professional goals.

For full details on our General/International Legal Studies LL.M. degrees, please review our Curriculum Essays.

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