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The Law Center is closed today, Wednesday, March 21, 2018, due to inclement weather. All activities and services, including scheduled events (student organization meetings and events, CLE, and conferences), are canceled. On-site classes will not be held in person and will be held according to the faculty member’s instructional continuity plan. All administrative offices are closed. The food services operation, fitness center and Early Learning Center are closed. The library is closed. It is expected that only designated emergency employees will come to the Law Center to fulfill their responsibilities. All others -- including students, staff, faculty, and visitors -- are expected not come to the Law Center, which will not be staffed to support anything other than essential life safety and snow/ice clearing functions.

Two-Year LL.M. with Certificate in Legal English for Foreign-Trained Lawyers

The Two-Year LL.M. with a Certificate in Legal English offers students a more comprehensive LL.M. experience than is possible with the regular two-semester LL.M. Students complete their LL.M. courses over four semesters of study, rather than two. This allows students not only to focus on a specific area of law more intensely, but also to integrate our innovative Legal English Curriculum into their LL.M. program. Students in the Two-Year program also have more time to complete the requirements for special LL.M. Certificates and to fulfill the requirements for the New York Bar Exam.

The Two-Year Program at Georgetown is unique because students begin the program as important members of the LL.M. class. Students in the Two-Year Program are fully integrated into the Georgetown Law community during both years of their study. All classes in both years of the program, including the Legal English classes, are taught at Georgetown Law by Georgetown Law faculty, all of whom either have a Ph.D. in Linguistics, an American J.D., or both. Students in the Two-Year Program take their other LL.M. classes with Georgetown J.D. students and other LL.M. students.

Students begin their extended LL.M. program in the first year by taking the required courses in the Legal English Curriculum along with a limited number of courses from the LL.M. curriculum. To ensure that students in the Two-Year Program receive individualized attention, most classes in the Legal English Curriculum are limited to no more than 15 students, and the classes in the Legal English Curriculum are reserved only for the students in the Two-Year Program.

After the first year of study, students in the Two-Year Program can spend the summer between their LL.M. years continuing their legal studies in a number of ways, including working in internships, taking Georgetown Law classes in the U.S. or in the Georgetown London Summer Program, or participating in the Georgetown LL.M. Summer Experience.

Most elite law schools, including Georgetown Law, require applicants to the regular LL.M. program to have a minimum TOEFL score of 100 on the iBT. Because of the excellence of our Legal English Curriculum, it is not necessary for applicants to the Two-Year Program to enter the program with the minimum TOEFL score of 100 on the iBT. Successful students in the Two-Year Program have entered the program with TOEFL scores both above and below the target score of 100.

Of course, as with our regular LL.M. programs, all applicants should have excellent academic records in their first law degree programs, and significant legal experience is desirable. For more information about the general requirements for admission to all of the Georgetown LL.M. programs and specific requirements for the Two-Year Program, please see our Admissions website.

The Two-Year LL.M. with a Certificate in Legal English offers students a unique and comprehensive opportunity to get the most out of their graduate study in the U.S. at Georgetown Law.

For further information, please contact Professor Craig Hoffman and Professor Marta Baffy.

Legal English Curriculum (description of Year One required courses)

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