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Doctor Iuris of Szeged, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary;  LL.M., Boston College; Ph.D. (candidate), Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest

Edit has been a dedicated participant in children's advocacy programs in Hungary through her entire upbringing and education. After having completed her undergraduate legal studies with distinction, she practiced civil law as a full time notarial clerk in Budapest. Additionally, she began a Ph.D. at Hungary's leading law faculty, focusing on children's contact rights in transborder situations.

Edit earned an LL.M. degree at Boston College Law School in 2010, where she spent the subsequent year as a visiting scholar/teaching assistant doing interdisciplinary research in the area of international human rights, family law and children's rights. She also assisted in developing a new course, International Human Rights: Semester in Practice.

At the heart of her proposed research at Georgetown is the redefinition of children's rights - identity, self-determination and open future - in the era of transnational family migration. Working with law and the social sciences, she is proposing to explore the contemporary and elusive social phenomena of transnational families in a comparative Euro-American study entitled: "Transnational Family - Transfrontier Childhoods: Rethinking Children's Rights in the Transnational Family." Edit's long term plans include practicing and teaching in the area of children's welfare, acting as a mediator between civil society and the legal sphere. Edit is working under the supervision of Professor Judith Areen.

Edit Frenyo

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