June 6, 2022 

Dear Members of the Georgetown Law Community,

As you are probably already well aware, the U.S. Supreme Court today announced its ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson, reversing Roe v. Wade and 50 years of precedent on the right to an abortion that Roe recognized. The decision will have enormous consequences. I recognize it will elicit a range of strong and impassioned reactions from across our Georgetown Law community.

To give our community an opportunity to draw on our strengths as an academic institution, we have scheduled a panel discussion with the Law Center’s Supreme Court Institute next week on Wednesday, June 29, at 2:00 p.m. ET, via Zoom. I am grateful to Professor Irving Gornstein for leading this conversation. More information and registration details will be available soon.

It will take time for us all to understand fully the changes this decision will make to the legal landscape and our lives. My hope is that Wednesday’s discussion will help us reflect about a case that will have the most profound implications and that it will also help each of us consider the path forward. I hope you will be able to join us.



William M. Treanor
Dean and Executive Vice President
Paul Regis Dean Leadership Chair