Employee Benefits

Georgetown University Law Center offers a certificate of study in the important field of Employee Benefits law.Including both tax and labor-oriented courses, the Certificate program provides students a broad knowledge of all aspects of benefits practice. Adjunct faculty from government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, and the U.S. Department of Labor, as well as from private practice, bring to their teaching extensive experience in the field.Members of the full-time faculty with expertise in employee benefits advise on the development of the curriculum.

The Certificate in Employee Benefits Law is available to students enrolled in Georgetown's LL.M. in Taxation or LL.M. in Securities and Financial Regulation program, or on a stand-alone basis.


All candidates for the Certificate in Employee Benefits Law must have completed a basic course in federal individual income taxation prior to enrollment. Students who have not taken a basic federal income tax course may satisfy this requirement by taking our online course, Foundations of Federal Income Taxation.

Candidates for the Certificate must successfully complete the following four required courses comprising 10 academic credits.

A cumulative grade point average of "B-" must be attained in the courses required for the Certificate.For purposes of earning the LL.M. in Taxation, all courses required for the Certificate in Employee Benefits Law.


Adam Cohen

Henry Eickelberg

Peter Elinksy

Israel Goldowitz

Gordon Klepper

Jeffrey Kroh

Anne Moran

John Paliga

Vanessa Scott

Chantel Sheaks

Stephen Tackney

Martha Jo Wagner

Curriculum Guide, Fall 2017

Curriculum Guide, Spring 2018

To learn more about the Certificate in Employee Benefits Law, please contact:

G. Ellis Duncan
Director, Graduate Tax Program
Georgetown University Law Center
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