For the Fall 2020 semester, eligible students may elect to take one otherwise graded course on a pass/fail basis that will not count toward the 7-credit pass/fail limit. This is in addition to any election they have available and would choose to make under the usual Pass/Fail Option Policy—e.g., a student who has already used all seven credits may elect one course to take on a pass/fail basis, and a student who has not previously used all seven credits can elect to take a maximum of two Fall 2020 courses pass/fail. Students who exercise the option for one course in the Fall 2020 semester will not have that count against their 7-credit pass/fail limit.

The following additional modifications apply for all Fall 2020 Pass/Fail Option elections:

  • The default deadline for students to make their pass/fail election(s) will be the last day of classes (5:00 p.m. ET on Friday, December 4, 2020).
  • For courses in which all graded work is officially due before the last day of semester-long classes (mini-courses and bookend courses), students may elect the pass/fail option and target grade until the last day of class for the course.  For mini-courses with exams, students may elect the pass/fail option and target grade until the day before the final exam.
  • Students may change prior elections before the relevant deadline.
  • A grade of C- or D will count as a passing grade when the pass/fail option is elected.
  • Two categories of courses that are ordinarily ineligible for the Pass/Fail Option will be eligible for students to elect to take on a pass/fail basis in the Fall 2020 semester:
    • Any course that meets the Professional Responsibility requirement; and
    • Courses for which the faculty member has elected not to make the pass/fail option available, as indicated in the “Course Requirements” for the course in the Curriculum Guide.

The other rules related to the pass/fail option remain in effect and unchanged.