All students participating in international travel arranged or funded by the Law Center are required to register their travel and be enrolled in specific Study Abroad Student Health Insurance. Follow the student international travel registration link to enter the required information.

In addition, students contemplating travel to a destination considered an Elevated Risk Region by the university, should visit the website linked at the right and carefully review the university’s policy. The additional requirements detailed on that site must be completed, and approval received, before such travel is registered here.

NOTE: Travel registration and the study abroad insurance plan offered by the University is open only to those who are participating in Law Center-funded or facilitated travel abroad. If you are taking an internship following your graduation from the Law Center, you are not eligible for the study abroad health insurance plan and you cannot register your trip. It is suggested you contact your employer about possible insurance options. CISI insurance does offer such an option.

Finally, tips on information security for travelers are available here.