NOTE: Any student interested in applying for this program should contact OTP before starting an online application.

Academic Calendar

The 2022-2023 academic calendar is not yet available. However, the academic year at NLS is divided into trimesters and Georgetown Law students selected for this program enroll in the November-February trimester.

Available Courses

Because of the slight overlap of the NLS trimester with the Georgetown Law spring semester, students should be prepared to enroll exclusively in 5th year seminar courses that require papers instead of exams. This allows students to complete their course requirements in advance of the start of the spring semester at Georgetown. Students should also keep in mind that there is a 75% class attendance requirement at NLS.

There are generally 6-8 seminar classes offered per semester. Below is an illustrative list of seminars offered in recent years. Students are cautioned that seminar offerings can change from year to year. The list of seminars offered in the November-February trimester is typically not available until about one to two weeks before the start of classes. Students register once they arrive in Bangalore.

  • Socio-legal Issues of Contemporary India
  • International Law and Crisis
  • International Arbitration
  • Challenges of Technology to Intellectual Property Laws
  • Law Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy The Lesser Known Story of the Indian National Movement (The extremists, the revolutionaries and the Indian National Army)
  • Law and Medicine
  • Competition Law
  • Rule of Law in Indian Constitutional Democracy – Analysis and Evaluation

Because new course offerings may not be publicized until the start of the term, it is possible that not all eligible courses are listed above. Participants in this program who wish to enroll in any course not listed above must contact the Office of Transnational Programs to request approval. Participants should not expect to receive credit for courses that are not expressly approved by OTP.

Classes are typically scheduled during the trimester from Monday through Saturday. (Since classes do not start until November, students would have an opportunity to travel before the start of the trimester.) Georgetown students can earn a maximum of 14 credits.

Credits earned at NLSIU are calculated in accordance with the ABA’s standard class formula (12.5 hours of class time, plus 30 hours out of class preparation and studying, per one credit hour.) Students may be asked to verify the number of minutes each course meets in order to confirm the number of Georgetown credits the student will receive upon completion of the program. See the Study Abroad Policy for details.

Financial Aid

While studying abroad through this program, students are eligible to receive the following funding: Federal Stafford loans, commercial or Grad PLUS Loans, and any grant or scholarship awards for which they have qualified. The same deadlines and application procedures for renewal of aid funds should be followed as if the student were attending at the Law Center.

This program, like all study abroad programs, has its own student living expense budget which will vary from the standard on-campus budget to reflect local costs and program-specific expenses. The budget may be lower than that for on-campus students.

As with on-campus programs federal loans may not be disbursed more than 10 calendar days prior to the actual start date of program classes and are disbursed manually to your account. Students should monitor their account on MyAccess and should see the funds post by the close of the first possible business day within the 10 day window. Please note that the 10 day window opens based on the start of classes, not orientation programs or other pre-class activities, even if required by the host institution. Students must plan their finances accordingly. If a student enrolls in a short course at the Law Center that concludes before his or her study-abroad program begins, the start date of Law Center classes may apply for aid purposes. Students interested in short courses should register for the short course through the normal registration process, but should also notify Cara Morris ( and the Office of Financial Aid.

See the study abroad policies and procedures on the main semester abroad web page for additional information.


NLS has on-campus dormitories, or hostels, which have been available to students in the past. Almost all NLS students stay in dormitory housing. Students are advised that dormitory rooms at NLS are generally shared (2 students per room) and are sparsely furnished.

In the prior years, NLS has been able to provide housing to our students; however, they do not guarantee housing. Housing confirmations for exchange students are usually provided between late July and mid-August.


NLS will provide the necessary confirmation letter to students, but students are responsible for applying for their own visas.

Estimated Budget

Please reference the below budget which is from a previous year and that will be updated when necessary.

Expense Estimated Budget
Tuition $29,925
Health Insurance $2710
Student Visa $103
Airfare $1,800
Room and Board $900
Books $100
Miscellaneous $1,200
Local Travel $150
Abroad Insurance $120
TOTAL $37,008