Apply for a fee waiver using the forms below.

You must secure a fee waiver before submitting your application – we do not refund application fees under any circumstances. Applicants who request and received a fee waiver in the previous admissions cycle (for Fall 2023 admission) and used their waiver to apply for admission to the Law Center are not eligible to receive an application fee waiver in the current admissions cycle. Applicants who received a fee waiver in a previous admissions cycle in which they ultimately did not submit an application for admission to the Law Center must re-apply for a fee waiver. Please note that we cannot grant fee waivers for the Credential Assembly Service.

All information transmitted through these forms is secure and confidential. Requests for fee waivers by email will not be considered. Please contact us at only if you have questions or concerns. If you do not receive an answer to your request within 5 business days, please check your spam filter before contacting us.