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Sport & Fitness Center

The Scott. K. Ginsburg Sport & Fitness Center is an adult facility for the recreational use of Georgetown University Law Center students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Membership eligibility is determined by the individual's primary affiliation with Georgetown University Law Center.

Due to the passage of the D.C. fitness tax there will be an applied sales tax of 5.75% on all memberships, programs, and services that the Sport & Fitness Center offers.


Georgetown Law Students 

Students enrolled in a degree program and visiting students at Georgetown University Law Center receive membership free of charge. 

Georgetown Law Faculty and Staff

Faculty, staff and adjunct faculty members who actively teach and work at Georgetown University Law Center are eligible to join. Faculty, Adjunct Faculty and Staff rates are $35 per month.


Spouses of students, faculty, and staff who are Sport and Fitness Center members are eligible to sign up for an annual membership. 

Student spouse - $20 per month ($240 per year)

Faculty/staff spouse -  $20 additional dollars per month, $55 total per month (faculty/staff + spouse)

Recent Alumni spouse - $60 additional dollars per month, $110 total per month (recent alumni + spouse)

Alumni spouse - $56 additional dollars per month,  $131 total per month (alumni+spouse)


Georgetown Law Alumni are eligible for membership to the Sport & Fitness Center. Alumni status is defined as individuals who have earned a degree (JD/LLM) from Georgetown Law. Alumni status will need to be confirmed by the Alumni Office located in Hotung 2006. Spouses of alumni are eligible to join with the purchase of an alumni membership.

Recent Alumni - $50 per month, valid for 2 years after graduation

Alumni - $75 per month

Contract Employees (Affiliates)

Contract employees associated with any long-term (3 years or more) contract for services at Georgetown University Law Center are eligible to sign up for an individual annual membership.

Affiliates - $40 per month

Terms of Membership

Terms of membership at the Scott K. Ginsburg Sport & Fitness Center is dependent upon the type of membership held.  All non-student memberships must give 30 days written notice of cancellation and make full payment of any unpaid fees.  For information regarding types and terms of membership, or to arrange a tour, please contact the Front Desk at (202) 662-9294.

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