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The Young Lawyers for the Rule of Law Program brings together lawyers with diverse backgrounds from the region with a vocation to advance the Rule of Law in their home countries and a commitment to regional collaboration, cross-sectoral engagement, and creative problem-solving. Our programming utilizes innovative methodology and experimental learning, where ideas are put to the test in applied projects. Participants learn from a curriculum that combines theory and practical application through a series of lectures by Georgetown professors and conversations with experts from academia, private practice, NGOs, the public sector, and international organizations. Over the course of five weeks, the program equips participants with the tools necessary to analyze the state of the rule of law at a national, regional, and global level, to identify successful and sustainable internal reforms, to discern the conditions necessary to create responsible institutions, and to design just, inclusive and sustainable rule of law reforms.

At CAROLA, we seek to provide a platform to critically and independently analyze existing institutions, generate new proposals about the rule of law and legal systems, and recommend reform practices that have the potential to improve the quality of life, especially for those traditionally marginalized.

2023 Young Lawyers Program