Date: September 27, 2021 - September 28, 2021

After years of intense government rhetoric, policies and practices focused on deterring all aspects of immigration and painting immigrants as economic and national security threats, is the United States poised to turn the page? Join top experts at the 2021 Immigration Law and Policy Conference, as they analyze where we are, eight months into the Biden administration; shine a light on crucial, often overlooked topics; and share visions of the future and how immigration law and policy can respond to our changing world in a manner that is humane and in the national interest.

This year’s conference, put on by the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.Migration Policy Institute and the Georgetown University Law Center, will again be a virtual event and consist of two half-days on Sept. 27-28 (afternoons Eastern Time). The conference will feature keynotes, thoughtful policy and legal analysis, and discussion of the most important immigration topics from leading government officials, policymakers, researchers, advocates and others. The conference virtual platform will offer networking and other activities so that attendees can engage with each other, ask questions during panel discussions and access useful materials.