Location: Hotung Faculty Dining Room
Date: September 19, 2023

Please join us for a discussion of Adam Smith’s views on how the market economy serves
society and his thoughts on the current tensions produced by capitalism as it functions in
modern democracies. The Denny Center for Democratic Capitalism at Georgetown Law and
Georgetown’s Institute for the Study of Markets & Ethics welcomes guest panelists from
Edinburgh Business School’s Panmure House, West Virginia University’s Social Philosophy and
Policy Center, and Georgetown’s Tocqueville Forum. Please register here.


Richard Boyd, Associate Professor of Government, Georgetown University
Adam Dixon, Adam Smith Chair in Sustainable Capitalism, Panmure House

James Feinmerman, James & Catherine Denny Chair in Democratic Capitalism, Georgetown Law

David Schmidtz, Presidential Chair of Moral Science, WVU


Caroline Howitt, Program Director, Panmure House
Bruce Shaw, Executive Director, Denny Center

Refreshments, wine and o’dourves will be served.