Georgetown Law’s Investigative Internship Program has gifted me with the invaluable opportunity to dive head-first into the field of public defense and criminal investigations. The wealth of knowledge I have access to in my direct collaboration with the Clinics’ remarkable staff attorneys, our wonderful clients, and my fellow investigators is truly unparalleled for most legal internships. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in obtaining advocacy experience that is dynamic, challenging, and empowering.

– Ameerah, Spring 2024

The Georgetown Law Investigative Internship is beneficial to those who have and have not had any prior legal internship experience. I treasure my role as an investigator as a very rare and valuable experience that has provided me a different perspective of trial preparation and new experiences in post-conviction advocacy. As someone interested in prisoner advocacy, the BOP visit offered by this internship has by far been the most impactful and moving experience of my legal career, and it would not have happened without this internship. Due to the nature of the investigative tasks, I’ve been able to connect with the clients, lawyers, and other interns in unforgettable ways that motivate my desire to become a legal advocate.

– Joella, Fall 2023

Working as an investigative intern at Georgetown Law has been a most invaluable experience and the absolute best use of my gap year before law school. As someone with no prior experience working in the legal field, this internship was a great place to begin my venture into law. I now have a basic but clear understanding of criminal law and criminal justice in D.C. I have also grown to better understand my own interests in law during the course of this internship.

At this internship, both the work itself and the direct contact with attorneys and clients present opportunities for learning and for personal growth. You are doing work that truly matters. While some assignments may be challenging at first, there is a lot of support from the supervisors that helps you overcome that steep learning curve. You are very likely to gain some of the most meaningful experiences of your life during this internship. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in pursuing law.

– Shanyuan, Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

After two semesters as an intern at Georgetown Law’s Criminal Justice Clinic, I cannot speak more highly of the Investigative Internship Program. This is an experiential learning opportunity like no other. I applied to this program because I wanted to better understand indigent defense work. I wanted to challenge my preconceptions and to see the criminal justice system from a perspective that I was realizing I could not grasp without experience. I stayed on after a semester because I knew there was much more to learn but also because I had ended up learning a lot about myself. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in criminal defense work and criminal law, and it is also an unparalleled opportunity for expanding critical skills like researching, interviewing, and analyzing, etc. Interns are given many opportunities to learn but are simultaneously entrusted with significant and meaningful responsibilities. I relied on the excellent training we receive, and I had unwavering support from my peers and supervisors. In an internship where my work was dynamic and no day was the same, that has been the most consistent thread throughout my time at Georgetown: the people. Whether it was the investigations director, my attorney supervisors, our clients, or my fellow interns, the people at Georgetown make this program an amazing experience. This program is excellent for those interested in law, investigations, or related work, but I think its greatest and most unique gift is that it allows you to learn about these fields through a truly human experience.

Adarsh, Spring 2022

I would recommend this internship to other students because it provides a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in criminal defense investigation and all that goes into public defense work. The internship is really rewarding, and nothing can compare to the feeling of joy you get when you see someone get a second chance at life after being in prison for such a long time. I would strongly encourage anyone with a passion for helping others to look into applying.

Nehemiah, Spring 2021

I have always had a passion for service, which is what led me to public interest law and this internship. My time in the Criminal Defense and Prisoner Advocacy Clinic has drastically changed my outlook on public defense. I felt a deep connection with our clients and the hands-on experience that this internship provided. I now know that I want to continue doing this work, especially in the places where strong public defense is so desperately needed. The sense of community and support that I felt at Georgetown, even while operating remotely, was unmatched. This experience is one that will shape my legal career going forward, and I am incredibly grateful that I got the opportunity to be a part of the program.

Prishnee, Fall 2020