Services Provided

The Office of Faculty Support offers a wide range of services to full-time, non-clinical faculty members. Services may include course management, such as maintaining Canvas sites, preparing class materials, arranging guest speakers, and coordinating student event logistics; finance support, including preparing expense reports and reconciling accounts per University guidelines; and administrative support, including liaising with various campus services to submit faculty requests. Ad hoc project support is available as pre-approved by the Director.

Requesting Support

To request support, faculty should contact their assigned faculty assistant, who will work with their team lead, director, and other departments as needed to handle requests efficiently. Providing ample notice, especially during busy periods like the start and end of semesters, ensures the best service.

Success Tips

For a productive partnership, faculty should: give clear instructions and expectations for tasks/projects, provide ample request notice when possible, share feedback, and promptly communicate changes or updates to needs.

Hours and Coverage

Most faculty assistants work a hybrid schedule, with a team lead coordinating in-person coverage on work-from-home days. Faculty assistants work 8-hour days with lunch breaks. For needs outside regular hours or urgent after-hours requests, contact the Director to explore alternative arrangements.

Unsupported Services

Some activities are not supported by the Office of Faculty Support, including grading or proofreading assignments/exams, off-campus errands, support for adjunct and clinical faculty, Center or Institute work, and work unrelated to Georgetown University business.

Providing Feedback

The Office of Faculty Support welcomes feedback for continuous improvement. Comments, suggestions, or concerns can be directed to the Director of Faculty Support.