Department of Faculty Support

This page outlines what you may expect from your assigned faculty assistant.

Faculty Assistants

Each full-time, non-clinical faculty member is assigned a faculty assistant who supports, on average, fifteen assigned faculty members. Each faculty assistant has a team lead, who provides coverage on faculty assistant work-from-home days and executes more specialized administrative tasks, including reimbursement submission and workshop coordination.

Requesting Services

The simplest way to make requests is through your assigned faculty assistant, who will collaborate with their team lead and other departments to ensure work is done competently and in a timely manner. Because assistants support a great number of faculty members, we ask that you please provide your assistant with sufficient notice when requesting assistance, particularly at the beginning and end of the semester which tend to be the busiest times for all of us at the Law Center. Please also note that faculty assistants work eight-hour days with a lunch break. Additional hours (including evening and weekend work) subject the Law Center to overtime charges. If you have needs that fall outside the regular work day or have an after-hours need requiring urgent attention, please contact the Director of Faculty Support to determine if alternative arrangements can be made.


Listed below are many–but not all–of the ways our team can support you. If you have any questions or concerns about the range of support your assigned faculty assistant can provide, please don’t hesitate to contact the Director of Faculty Support.

Course Management Support:

• Maintaining Canvas course sites
• Preparing class materials and communications
• Requesting instructor copies of casebooks
• Arranging guest speaker visits
• Rescheduling, adding, and canceling class meetings
• Coordinating with IST/AV for tech support
• Scheduling student office hours through Canvas
• Compiling attendance and class-participation data

Administrative Support:

• Arranging travel for university-related activities
• Providing calendar support for university-related activities
• Submitting campus facilities requests
• Reserving campus meeting and event space
• Working with Xerox team to maintain copy machines
• Liaising with Logistics team on print jobs and stationary

Finance and Purchasing Support:

• Submitting reimbursement requests
• Monitoring faculty research funds
• Purchasing goods and supplies

Scholarship and Research Support:

• Coordinating workshops and colloquia
• Scanning, photocopying, indexing, and compiling research materials
• Executing basic web, Westlaw, and Lexis/Nexis searches
• Indexing and cataloging of office libraries
• Editing of writing and research
• Compiling research materials
• Assisting with scholarship updates, overdue books, and book requests
• Connecting you with staff for manuscript editing, copyright requests, and clerkship applications
• Special projects as requested

Communication Support:

• Mailing packages and letters
• Updating faculty online biographies

Prohibited Services

Policy prohibits Faculty Support staff from the following activities. If you have any questions or concerns about the range of support your assigned faculty assistant can provide, please don’t hesitate to contact the Director of Faculty Support.

• Grading or proofreading assignments and exams
• Running errands off campus
• Supporting adjunct and clinical faculty
• Possessing or saving personal credit card information
• Supporting work associated with a Center or Institute
• Assisting with personal tasks such as non-Georgetown business or appointment scheduling; filling out insurance, health, or visa forms; running personal errands