The Law Center Data Team

The Law Center Data Team was founded in September 2018 to leverage institutional data and help Georgetown Law make more data-informed decisions. The team was originally composed of volunteers from across the Law Center before picking up a formal representative of the Office of Assessment and Decision Support in February 2022. With current or previous members from Advancement, Special Events, the Law Library, the Office of the Registrar, and the Office of the Dean of Students, one team member called us Georgetown Law’s “U.N. of Data” and we’ve worn that as a badge of honor ever since.

Today, the Data Team coordinates external reporting to our accreditors and facilitates internal research and data analytics. Team projects have gathered data on everything from the size of the JD curriculum to the campus event sponsors most likely to use spaces slated for construction. During the pandemic, the Data Team helped the Office of Academic Affairs revamp the entire Fall 2020 1L schedule and organized the student pulse surveys about online learning and the transition back to in-person instruction. More recently, we’ve applied some of that experience to the 2023 pilot Graduating JD Student Survey that focused on institutional learning outcomes and the curricular/co-curricular programs that have the biggest positive impact on students. The team also offers consultation and guidance to other offices that are thinking about their data collection, management, and analysis projects.

In between those ABA reports, team projects, and collegial consultations, the Data Team squeezes in a Book Club to keep our perspective fresh and a few low-key efforts to promote data culture at Georgetown Law. You may have seen some of our stickers on a co-worker’s laptop or water bottle.