Each year, hundreds of Washington, D.C., lawyers selflessly dedicate time and energy to teaching courses as adjunct professors at Georgetown Law. Their presence has enabled Georgetown Law to offer the most wide-ranging curriculum of J.D. and LL.M. courses in the country.

Charles Fahy

Charles Fahy

To recognize the contributions of these adjuncts, the Law Center’s “hidden endowment,” the Dean designates for each academic year the recipients of the Charles Fahy Distinguished Adjunct Professor Award for both the J.D. and LL.M. programs. Fahy Professors have provided exceptional service to Georgetown in teaching, curriculum development, student counseling, and involvement in extra-curricular Law Center activities.

The award is named after the late Charles Fahy, a noted Georgetown Law alumnus who served as U.S. Solicitor General and U.S. Court of Appeals Judge.


Charles E. Davidow – J.D. Program
Jill Morrison – Graduate Programs


Mushtaq Gunja, J.D. Program
Hon. Todd E. Edelman, Graduate Programs


Douglas B. Rutzen, J.D. Program
Marta Baffy, Graduate Programs


Father Raymond O’Brien, J.D. Program
Sara Colangelo, Graduate Programs


Dori Bernstein, J.D. Program
Timothy C. Brightbill, Graduate Programs


Kondi J. Kleinman, J.D. Program
The Honorable Florence Y. Pan, Graduate Programs


Peregrine D. Russell-Hunter, J.D. Program
The Honorable John M. Facciola, Graduate Programs


Joseph M. Potenza, J.D. Program
Michael S. Frisch, Graduate Programs


Robert K. Huffman, J.D. Program
Jonathan M. Weisgall, J.D. Program
Henry Charles Eickelberg, Graduate Programs
Leonard B. Terr, Graduate Programs


The Hon. David C. Simmons, J.D. Program
David S. Christy, Jr., Graduate Programs


Stephen D. Altman, J.D. Program
Eric Solomon, Graduate Programs

Earlier recipients

2011-2012: The Hon. Francis M. Allegra (J.D. Program), Kenneth W. Hansen (Graduate Programs); 2010-2011: Cathy A. Costantino (J.D. Program), Thomas F. Field (Graduate Programs); 2009-2010: Carl L. Vacketta (J.D. Program),  Jonathan Charles Drimmer (Graduate Programs); 2008-2009: David B. Isbell (J.D. Program), Edward J. Beckwith (Graduate Programs), A. Christopher Sega (Graduate Programs); 2007-2008: Douglas M. Bregman (J.D. Program), Warren L. Dean (Graduate Programs), Allan I. Mendelsohn (Graduate Programs); 2006-2007: William F. Causey (J.D. Program), Elizabeth S. Gere (J.D. Program), Peter I. Elinsky (Graduate Programs); 2005-2006: Michael S. Raab (J.D. Program), Carl F. Goodman (Graduate Programs), Mark Kantor (Graduate Programs); 2004-2005: Michael Frisch (J.D. Program), Mark Kreitman (Graduate Programs), Mark S. Radke (Graduate Programs); 2003-2004: The Hon. Gerald I. Fisher (J.D. Program), The Hon. Robert E. Morin (J.D. Program), Robert Dalton (Graduate Programs), David Stewart (Graduate Programs); 2002-2003: The Hon. Laurence H. Silberman (J.D. Program), John L. Buckley (Graduate Programs), The Hon. John O. Colvin (Graduate Programs); 2001-2002: John C. Hayes, Jr. (J.D. Program), Michael G. Scheininger (J.D. Program), Michael I. Sanders (Graduate Programs); 2000-2001: W. Shepherdson Abell (J.D. Program), Marcia A. Wiss (Graduate Programs); 1999-2000: Jack M. Beard (J.D. Program), Michael T. Leibig (Graduate Programs); 1998-1999: David C. Vladeck (J.D. Program), William R. Charyk (Graduate Programs); 1997-1998: Nancy Firestone (J.D. Program), Lois J. Schiffer (J.D. Program), Dennis P. Bedell (Graduate Programs); 1996-1997: Bennett L. Hecht (J.D. Program), Shirley A. Coffield (Graduate Programs); 1995-1996: Gerald A. Malia (J.D. Program), Arthur F. Mathews (Graduate Programs); 1994-1995: Daniel A. Rezneck (J.D. Program), Bernard M. Shapiro (Graduate Programs); 1993-1994: Steven A. Winkelman (J.D. Program), Charles Owen Verrill (Graduate Programs); 1992-1993: Kirby Howlett (J.D. Program), Harold J. Heltzer (Graduate Programs); 1991-1992: Paul B. Larsen (J.D. Program), Charles Gordon (Graduate Programs); 1990-1991: Martin S. Thaler (J.D. Program), Earl M. Colson (Graduate Programs); 1989-1990: Roger M. Adelman (J.D. Program), Hugh J. Beins (Graduate Programs); 1988-1989: Kenneth R. Feinberg (J.D. Program), John Wolff (Graduate Programs).