Professor Freeman is the Director of Georgetown’s S.J.D. Program. She comes to this position with a diverse portfolio of experiences and interests, including an actual portfolio from her Fine Arts degree and first career as an artist.  Professor Freeman was a leader in several feminist organizations and the nascent gay rights movement in Washington, DC.  She was a member of the collective that published a pioneering feminist theory journal, Quest: a feminist quarterly.  An advocate for DC statehood, she served as elected delegate to the DC Constitutional Convention to draft a constitution in anticipation of eventual statehood.  She worked on Capitol Hill for Representative (now Senator) Chuck Schumer on the House Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, and then for the ACLU’s National Prison Project, where she litigated class action cases challenging the constitutionality of conditions of confinement in prisons, jails and juvenile detention facilities across the United States.  Throughout her legal career she has moved between activism and critical reflection, seeing each as vitally necessary to build a better world and, not coincidentally, to produce first-rate scholarship.  She believes that success in writing a dissertation over several long years requires both sustained passion about the problem that motivates the scholarship and intellectual discipline to effectively engage it.  She taught at Washington College of Law and George Washington before coming to Georgetown, first to the Federal Legislation and Administration Clinic, then to Workplace Flexibility 2010, and now Graduate Programs. Her scholarly interests are on issues relating to workplace justice, prisons, and career flexibility.