Alicia D. Washington is the Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the Public Safety Division (“PSD”) in the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”) for the District of Columbia (“District”). She assists with overseeing the management of over 100 employees in PSD, which includes the Juvenile, Criminal, Mental Health, Domestic Violence and Special Victims, Public Corruption, and Restorative Justice Sections. Ms. Washington has demonstrated her commitment to public service when she began her career in OAG over 24 years ago in the General Crimes Section prosecuting adult criminal cases including traffic, weapons, and quality of life offenses. Ms. Washington also worked in the Juvenile Section, prosecuting juvenile delinquency offenses, and the General Litigation Division, defending the District and its employees in civil lawsuits, before advancing to management where she supervised the Juvenile Section and the Neighborhood and Victim Services Section. A highlight of her career is when Ms. Washington led a team in filing the first-of-its-kind, comprehensive receivership lawsuit against 23 landlords who had persistently failed to abate housing code violations posing grave risks to tenants. In 2008 Ms. Washington received the Peter J. Nickles Hammer Award. This was awarded to the top attorney out of over 600 attorneys who demonstrated an unyielding passion and ability to hammer out obstacles and achieve positive change in public service.

Ms. Washington is also Chairperson of the District’s Concealed Pistol Licensing Review Board which was established in 2015 to review appeals of any denials of an application for a concealed pistol license issued by the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department and appeals from license revocations and suspensions.

Additionally, Ms. Washington is the Secretary of the Board of Directors for EBED Community Improvement, Inc., which seeks to teach and promote real-life skills that will develop greater independence and self-determination for people with challenging life impairments.

Ms. Washington received her Bachelor of Arts from Norfolk State University and her Juris Doctor from Syracuse University College of Law.