Amit Khardori is an Attorney Advisor in the General Counsel’s Office of the United States Agency for International Development. His portfolio in his current position includes policies and approaches to cooperation with foreign governments and public international organizations, as well as grants and contracts for humanitarian assistance. Prior to that, he was the lead attorney for the Food for Peace program, which provides humanitarian food aid around the world. And prior to that, he specialized in Executive branch agency administrative law issues for USAID.

He has lectured at several universities in the area on government contracts and on the history of foreign aid. For a brief period that ended recently, he performed stand-up comedy in the DC area, achieving a modicum of press attention: A radio station in Wyoming found a clip of him commenting on Wyoming’s outsized political influence by way of the Senate and the Electoral College; the station disagreed with the premise, but observed, “He’s not half bad.”

He has a law degree from The George Washington University Law School, a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Chicago.