Professor Babcock served as general counsel to the National Audubon Society from 1987-91 and as deputy general counsel and Director of Audubon’s Public Lands and Water Program from 1981-87. Previously, she was a partner with Blum, Nash & Railsback, where she focused on energy and environmental issues, and an associate at LeBoeuf, Lamb, Leiby & MacRae where she represented utilities in the nuclear licensing process. From 1977-79, she served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy and Minerals in the U.S. Department of the Interior. Professor Babcock has taught environmental and natural resources law as a visiting professor at Pace University Law School and as an adjunct at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Catholic University, and Antioch law schools. Professor Babcock was a member of the Standing Committee on Environmental Law of the American Bar Association, and served on the Clinton-Gore Transition Team.


Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

Hope M. Babcock, The Current Role of the Environment in Reinforcing Acts of Domestic Terrorism: How Fear of a Climate Change Apocalypse May Strengthen Right-Wing Hate Groups, 38 Va. Envtl. L.J. 207-231 (2020).
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Hope M. Babcock, Issuance of the Keystone XL Permit: Presidential Prerogative or Presidential “Chutzpah,” 81 Mont. L. Rev. 5-57 (2020).
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Hope M. Babcock, The Public Trust Doctrine, Outer Space, and the Global Commons: Time to Call Home ET, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 191-262 (2019).
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U.S. Supreme Court Briefs

Brief of Amicus Curiae American Thoracic Society in Support of Petitioners, California v. Texas, No. 19-840 (U.S. May 13, 2020).

Forthcoming Works - Book Chapters & Collected Works

Hope M. Babcock, Using the Public Trust Doctrine to Manage Property on the Moonin The Cambridge Handbook of Commons Research Innovations (Sheila R. Foster & Chrystie Swiney eds., Cambridge University Press forthcoming).