Professor Ramsfield specializes in the study of legal discourse, both in the United States and abroad. By combining studies in linguistics, composition theory, and cognitive psychology, she has created a unique approach to teaching legal writing. She teaches continuing legal education courses nationally and internationally, helping lawyers to write better, faster. She also helped create Georgetown’s United States Legal Discourse, a course designed especially for international lawyers. She has assisted South Africa’s twenty-two law schools to create new four-year curricula that incorporated classes in legal discourse. She has also presented classes and workshops to many international lawyers and judges, including justices from Iceland, South Africa, and Slovenia; lawyers from Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, and Uganda; and legal educators from Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. She is the author of “Is Logic Culturally Based? A Contrastive International Approach to the U.S. Law Classroom.” 47 J. Legal Ed. 157 (1997), co-author with Mary Ray of Legal Writing: Getting It Right and Getting It Written (3d ed. 2000), and the author of The Law as Architecture: Building Legal Documents (2000).