B.A. general honors, Johns Hopkins; M.B.A., George Washington; J.D., Georgetown. Professor Missner devoted the first fifteen years of his career to cutting edge health care endeavors. He founded and helped run an early stage research and development based pharmaceutical company devoted to women’s health; ran marketing at one of the nation’s largest physician practice management companies devoted to Medicare HMOs; held a senior position at Kaiser Permanente; and was the Executive Vice President and early founder of AmericasDoctor.com. Professor Missner was also the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Internet Development at Phillips Health and their thriving Vitamin business, Doctors’ Preferred, Inc. Professor Missner spent over a decade as the Managing Director for National Affairs at AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee), a Lobby in Washington, D.C. fully devoted to strengthening the U.S. – Israel relationship. Professor Missner is currently the Managing Partner at Stein Mitchell Beato Missner LLP, a leading litigation firm in Washington, D.C. Professor Missner is a member of the following state BARS: Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Illinois.