Kathleen McGovern is a government investigations and white collarlawyer who advises clients regarding complex regulatory, risk andcompliance issues across multiple industries, including health and lifesciences, telecommunications, financial services, sports and education.Kathleen leads global investigations involving allegations of ForeignCorrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations and transnational corruption;securities and financial fraud; governmental program fraud, includinghealthcare and disaster relief fraud; and other governmentalinvestigations.Prior to joining the firm, Kathleen served as a principal at a Big Fourconsulting firm where she led the Forensics Healthcare Practice (East).In that capacity, she led the team that provided guidance on theCoronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) to thefirm’s US clients, across all service lines.In addition to her private practice experience, Kathleen served in thepublic sector as a US federal and state prosecutor. During her time atthe Department of Justice (DOJ), Kathleen also served as senior deputychief of the DOJ’s Fraud Section, Criminal Division, leading theprosecution of numerous complex international and domestic whitecollar crime matters.