After graduating from the Law Center, Professor Tiscione (then Robbins) joined the firm of Kirkland & Ellis in Washington, D.C. While at Kirkland & Ellis, she specialized in commerical litigation, including products liability and copyright infringement. Professor Tiscione taught Legal Research and Writing while still in practice at the George Washington University National Law Center and then came to Georgetown to teach full-time. Her scholarly interests include classical and contemporary rhetoric, the role of emotion in law, feminist jurisprudence, and empirical research in the current practice of law and its implications for legal pedagogy.

She has served as an Editorial Board Member and Associate Editor of the Journal Of The Legal Writing Institute; a Director of the Association of Legal Writing Directors; an Affiliate Board Member of the Society of American Law Teachers; and a Director of the Legal Writing Institute (LWI), a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving legal communication, the teaching of legal writing, and the status of legal writing faculty nationwide. More recently, Tiscione has served as LWI’s President.

Her areas of expertise are Legal Research and Writing and Law and Rhetoric.


Forthcoming Works - Books

Threshold Concepts in Legal Writing (Kristen K. Tiscione & Melissa H. Weresh eds., forthcoming).
Classical Rhetoric and Contemporary Law: A Critical Reader (Kristen K. Tiscione ed., forthcoming).


Kristen Konrad Tiscione, Legal Writing: From Advice to Advocacy, A Contemporary Approach (St. Paul, Minn.: West Academic Publishing 2021).

Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

Ruth Anne Robbins, Kristen K. Tiscione & Melissa H. Weresh, Persistent Structural Barriers to Gender Equity in the Legal Academy and the Efforts of Two Legal Writing Organizations to Break Them Down, 65 Vill. L. Rev. 1155-1185 (2020).
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Book Chapters & Collected Works

Lloyd Bonfield, Bridget J. Crawford & Kristen K. Tiscione, In re Strittmater’s Estate, in Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Trusts & Estates Opinions 17-38 (Deborah S. Gordon, Browne C. Lewis & Carla Spivack eds., Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press 2020).