Father Orsy was formerly a professor of canon law at the Catholic University of America. He has taught Canon Law at the Gregorian University in Rome, Fordham University, the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, and the Law Center. Father Orsy is the author of nine books and more than two hundred articles on topics in theology and canon law. He is a regular visitor at the Law Center where he teaches Roman Law, History of Philosophy of Law, and Canon Law.



Ladislas M. Örsy, S.J., Discernment: Theology and Practice, Communal and Personal (Collegeville, Minn.: Liturgical Press 2020).

Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

Ladislas M. Örsy, S.J., Noi Speravamo... Una Riflessione sul Mistero Spirituale del Movimento Ecumenico, Il Regno- Attualità, Feb. 5, 2007, at 14-19.

Selected Contributions to Other Publications

Ladislas M. Örsy, S.J. & John Langnan, Two Tributes to Robert F. Drinan, America, Feb. 26, 2007, at 21-22. [W]
Ladislas M. Örsy, S.J., Law for Life Sacrae Disciplinae Leges: Forty Years After the Council , 67 Jurist 15 (2007).

Book Chapters & Collected Works

Ladislas M. Örsy, S.J., Authentic Learning and Receiving—A Search for Criteria, in Receptive Ecumenism and the Call to Catholic Learning 39-51 (Paul D. Murray ed. with the assistance of Luca Badini-Confalonieri, New York: Oxford University Press 2008). [BOOK]