Michael Huppe is the President and Chief Executive Officer of SoundExchange, where he champions creators and spearheads the use of technology, data, and advocacy to power the future of music.

SoundExchange’s mission is to ensure that creators are compensated fairly, efficiently, and accurately for their work in the digital space. To date, SoundExchange has distributed more than $10 billion in digital performance royalties to over 650,000 music creators and growing. SoundExchange maintains the premier sound recording metadata resource and leads the music industry in efficiency, with 90% of royalties distributed within 45 days of receipt.

Michael leads SoundExchange’s efforts to launch new lines of business, creating additional capabilities and advocating for industry-wide technology standards – all with the goal of enabling efficient and accurate distribution to creators. This includes the purchase of Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency in 2017 and the establishment of SX Works, which launched SoundExchange’s entry into the publisher services market and is supplemented by the company’s efforts on data integrity, revenue assurance, and similar products. In 2023, SoundExchange was recognized as one of Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies,” highlighting strategic partnerships and the work SoundExchange does to modernize and streamline the music industry.

Michael’s work directly supports creators' livelihoods by increasing the value of music. Since he joined SoundExchange in 2007, subscription webcasting royalty rates have increased 250%.SoundExchange has also successfully negotiated settlements with music platforms to the tune of $168 million over the last decade. SoundExchange’s royalty collections now comprise approximately 12% percent of all U.S. recorded music revenue.

In addition, Michael is an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law School, a frequent contributor, published author, lecturer, and active community member. He is a member of the Forbes Business Council and Fortune Brainstorm Trust, with opinions published in Variety, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Music Business Worldwide, Billboard, and The Hill, among other outlets.

Michael graduated from the University of Virginia and Harvard Law School. He currently lives in McLean, Virginia with his wife and two children.

Follow Michael on Twitter at @MikeHuppe.