Professor Tatarowicz is a Professor in the Graduate Tax Program at Georgetown and Faculty Advisor of the State and Local Tax (SALT) Certificate Program. He is also Of Counsel at the law firm of Blank Rome LLP in Washington, D.C. Professor Tatarowicz has taught at the Law Center as an adjunct professor since 1984, and became a full-time professor in the Graduate Tax Program in 2011. Prior to joining the Law Center full-time, he served as the national leader of the State & Local Tax Practice at Ernst & Young LLP. He teaches and writes on issues that address multijurisdictional taxation, federal limitations on the powers of subnational governments to tax, the federal income taxation of partners and partnerships, as well as U.S. Tax Systems, Limitations and Policies, which he taught as a Visiting Professor of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Also, Professor Tatarowicz has served as faculty advisor to the Tax Lawyer and The State and Local Tax Lawer. And, since 1982 has chaired the Law Center’s Advanced State and Local Tax Institute.


Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

Philip M. Tatarowicz, Balancing Point: Justice Anthony McLeod Kennedy: Balanced Decisions More Reflective of Consistency Than Swing, 90 St. Tax Notes 1036-1037 (2018).
Philip M. Tatarowicz & Dennis Jansen, Digital Taxation: A View From the United States and France, 88 St. Tax Notes 877-880 (2018).
Craig B. Fields & Philip M. Tatarowicz, SALT Implications of Reorganizing Business Enterprises: Stock Purchases Treated as Asset Acquisitions (Part 2 of 2), 77 St. Tax Notes 245-252 (2015).
Craig B. Fields & Philip M. Tatarowicz, State and Local Tax Implications of Reorganizing Business Enterprises: Stock Purchases Treated as Asset Acquisitions (Part 1 of 2), 75 St. Tax Notes 395-402 (2015).

Book Chapters & Collected Works

Valerie Dickerson, Arthur Rosen, Philip Tatarowicz & Michael Spencer, State Taxation of Subchapter K Entities and Their Partners/Members—An Update: Wayfair’s Impact on P.L. 86-272, in 2020 New York University Institute on State and Local Taxation §§ 1.01-1.07 (New York: Matthew Bender 2020 ed.).
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