R. Michael Gadbaw’s career covers over four decades in Washington as an international economic lawyer, starting as a summer intern at USTR in 1973. He is currently a Senior Distinguished Fellow at the Institute of International Economic Law and is dedicated to research and teaching international economic law, including the interaction of international trade, monetary, financial, investment, competition, tax and anticorruption. His practice included five years as a government attorney in the US Treasury and the Office of the US Trade Representative (1975-1980), an associate and partner in private practice at Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard and McPherson (1980-1985) and Dewey Ballantine (1985-1990) and as a Vice President and Senior Counsel at General Electric (1990-2008) where he had responsibility for global government relations and transactions support, company compliance with the FCPA and export controls He has a J.D. from the University of Michigan, a Masters from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and a B.A. from Fordham University. He serves on the editorial advisory board of the Journal of International Economic Law.