Professor Stumberg is the author of recent work on government purchasing power and the impact of trade agreements on government authority. These include Turning a Blind Eye: Respecting Human Rights in Government Purchasing and Safeguards for Tobacco Control: Options for the TPPA. His previous work covered trade in services, legislation, economic development, community lending and housing policy. His past positions include service as Policy Director of the Center for Policy Alternatives in Washington, DC. He serves on the board of directors of the Center for the Study of Services, publisher of Consumer Checkbook magazines.Past service includes chairman of the AALS Section on Legislation;chairman of Susanna Wesley House;and board member of the Forum on Democracy and Trade;the Committee of 100 on the Federal City;the D.C. Housing Action Council;and the D.C. Mutual Housing Association.


Featured Scholarship

Robert K. Stumberg, Threats to Tobacco Control in Malaysia – Case Study (working paper).
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Deborah K. Sy & Robert K. Stumberg, TPPA and Tobacco Control: Threats to APEC Countries, 23 Tobacco Control 466-470 (2014).
Robert Stumberg, Safeguards for Tobacco Control: Options for the TPPA, 39 Am. J.L. & Med. 382-441 (2013).
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Robert K. Stumberg, NAFTA Services and Climate Change, in The Future of North American Trade Policy: Lessons from NAFTA 11-25 (Boston: Boston University 2009). [WWW]
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