Sherally Munshi earned her JD from Harvard Law School and a PhD in Literature from Columbia University.  Before coming to Georgetown, she was a Perkins / LAPA Fellow at Princeton University. Her areas of scholarly interests include property law, immigration law, and critical legal theory. Her writing has appeared in the Yale Journal of Law &Humanities, the American Journal of Comparative Law, and Harper’s. Prior to teaching, she worked as a legal associate at Willkie Farr &Gallagher, LLP, in New York.  


Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

Sherally Munshi, White Slavery and the Crisis of Will in the Age of Contract, 30 Yale J.L. & Feminism 327-369 (2018).
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Sherally Munshi, Comparative Law and Decolonizing Critique, 65 Am. J. Comp. L. (Supp.) 207-235 (2017). [W] [L] [SSRN]

Forthcoming Works - Book Chapters & Collected Works

Sherally Munshi, Immigration and the Imperial, in The Oxford Handbook on Law and the Humanities (Simon Stern, Bernadette Meyler & Maksymilian Del Mar eds., Oxford University Press forthcoming).
Sherally Munshi, Before the Muslim Ban, in Deepening Divides: How Borders and Social Boundaries Delineate Our World (Didier Fassin ed., forthcoming).

Book Chapters & Collected Works

Sherally Munshi, "You Will See My Family Became So American": Race, Citizenship, and the Visual Archive, in Law and the Visual: Representations, Technologies, and Critique 161-188 (Desmond Manderson ed., Toronto, Can.: University of Toronto Press 2018).